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Michael Dan Archer is a sculptor and public artist working and exhibiting throughout the UK and worldwide.

He has over 30 years experience in producing public art works for local authorities, public and private institutions. His work is often commissioned for regeneration and re-development of sites and the concept of change and transformation implicit in this informs many of his ideas.



Marilena was born and grew up in Romania. She currently lives and works in Sheffield where she owns an art studio 'Hunaari'. She creates art inspired by Romanian and Japanese folklore. Marilena’s paintings are a reflection of this dynamic path which art set her on, inviting those who admire them to meditate on the poetic aspects of nature. In a unique style of abstract expressionism painting, Marilena’s works are created for those who wish to connect with nature on an ever-deeper level.



Melissa Budasz studied fine art painting at Camberwell and Norwich Art Schools (1997) and lives and works in London. She has curated and exhibited in several large-scale projects, events and exhibitions including  Uniqlo Tate Lates, Tate Modern (Feb 2018), a solo exhibition at Conway Hall, London (2017), Broadcasting House for the BBC 100Women (2016), University College London TEDxUCLWomen (2016), Gerald Moore Gallery (2015), Dulwich Picture Gallery (2014), Guys Hospital London Bridge (2014) and she was a prize winner in the Big Draw (2015) for a site-specific collaborative drawing she co-devised, Hidden Narratives Dangerous Liaisons. She was the Chair and Director of South London Women Artists (2013-2016) and the founder and former editor of ArtVerve Magazine (2014-2017). Her works are featured in public collections, including Conway Hall Archive Library and in private collections in the UK and USA.




Born in Youghal County Cork Ireland 1952. Schooling in Youghal showing early interest in Art history and drawing. A career in the military followed 1973 to 2010 including peacekeeping duty in Lebannon Sarajevo Liberia and Chad. On retirement went to study drawing in Florence Italy at Arcimboldo Academy for two years. Largely self taught in polychromatic painting technique in oils.



Cristina was born and raised in Romania. After graduating with a Master in Journalism, she emigrated to the United States in 2014. Originally interested to pursue her career in journalism, she recently discovered her passion for art. Throughout her work she wishes to continuously inspire people around the world. Cristina enjoyes travelling and the main sources of her inspiration are her own experiences of interactions with different cultures, alongside the dreams she wants to manifest.



Paola is an Argentian-born artist painter whose work has been exhibited internationally and featured in art galleries including South America, New York and London. Her work Relatos de la infancia is a series of very personal portraits and self-portraits which explore the meaning of childhood: fellings of growth, changes and loss. These images recreate the artist’s childhood memories like first names, clothes and meaningful characters from the past. Despite the fact that all these memories are subjective, they can be perceived in many different ways by the viewer  who is encouraged to give them his own personal meaning.



Born in Slovakia, Mira Corbova is an abstract artist living and working in  New Zealand. Mira is a professional artist, gallery curator & mentor and an inspirational art tutor whose work mirrors a passion of self-expression, energy, colour and the connection in various forms. Naturally creative and intuitive person, she enjoys exploring the emotions and feelings she often picks up around her. These are the inspirations that became her creations. Using vibrant oil colours, various shapes flow onto her canvas intuitively.



Born in Mumbai, Akshita completed her IB from the American School of Bombay. She then graduated from the American University in Dubai with a BBA in Finance. She went onto receiving her MA from the Lotus Institute in Dubai within Fine Arts. Her first private art exhibition took place in Mumbai, India (2003). She displayed a varied range of landscapes done in oil on canvas and the proceeds were donated to an Old Age home (in Karjat). She has evolved as an artist since and now takes photographs, prints them on canvas’, glass and other forms and works over them with different media using her unique style. Her work has been featured at International fairs such as: World Art Dubai, Art Basel Miami, Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum.



Carine Hayoz is an architect and artist from Switzerland. Her paintings shows atmospheric colours, abstract shapes and lines, accents and subtle contrasts in order to explore landscape and architectural elements. In the last 10 years she has exhibited her works in PROGR Bern, art @ gutenberg and some galleries in London, arteTEMPORIS 3 in Rheinfelden and Zurich.
"Art brings people of different religions, preferences and ideas together and reinvents us!"



Kevin has worked as a sculptor continuously since 1987, having completed his studies in Fine Art (Sculpture) at CCAD. In the development of his sculptural career he has been able to explore many styles, materials and methodologies, having worked with and studied associated arts practices. Throughout these explorations he has found that working creatively with tactile materials is the area to which I am passionately connected.



Tumbling underneath waves amidst effervescent aquatones, Margaret Juul's compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion.  The artist uses her imagination to distill the kinetic essence of something never at rest.

Irregular shapes of green and blue cover the canvas, reminiscent of the brilliant marine hues that convey water in 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.  Close inspection reveals rough, textured surfaces from the thick application of media on linen, including oil, acrylic and oil pastel, reiterating the earthly and organic nature of her subject.



"My name is Michał Krzysztofowicz and this website is my attempt at showcasing some of my best images, and to show the world and everything that surrounds me through my lens.

I've been interested in photography as a hobbyist for as long as I can remember, although I got a little bit more serious in the recent 10 years or so. I also love traveling, and I really think travel and photography compliment each other really well."



Ann Palmer lives in Rochester and spends up to 3 months a year in her cottage in the Loire Valley in France.  She has been drawing and painting from 2007, taking up oils 8 years ago. Ann works in OILS principally land, sky and seascapes, often working directly out of doors in front of the scene. Her larger paintings are developed in the studio from her experiences en plein air, sketches and photographs.   Ann gains inspiration from her travels to the coasts of Cornwall and Normandy as well as her home county of Kent.



Ludmila was born in Nizhny Novogrod, Russia 1969. Having graduated from the best Russian art universities, she worked with the Russian Theatre and found this collaboration very inspirational. She now lives and works in Poland, Szklarska Poreba, surrounded by beautiful mountains and powerful nature. Appreciating the beauty of the countryside she creates her pieces with artistic passion and precision.



Born in 1978 in the Netherlands. Currently based in both the Netherlands and Spain.

Artist about his work: 'I paint, draw and sculpt whatever I feel like!

Colours, lines, writing. I feel the sounds, I hear the motion... When I paint ,I feel free and in my own world. Putting my mind on canvas, paper or whatever I can get my hands on. It gives me satisfaction when people admire and appreciate my art. I Hope I can reach into the hearts of every each person, that is open to my work. Every moment of the day and all day, I imagine new concepts and ideas. Would there only be enough time to put it into motion. A piece of my mind, of my soul.



I was born in 1965 in Gelsenkirchen /Germany and I grew up and lived in Gladbeck until I was 32.  Since 1997 I live in Schöppingen, in the northwest Germany, near the Dutch border. 

A few years ago I discovered my passion for the photography. Initially it was a small compact camera, which accompanied me to everywhere, since that was not enough. Eventually, I bought a SLR - Equipment, and in autodidactic studies I learned about the technical knowledge, which is necessary for the photography and which is essential for the further processing of the photos. 



After spending 20 years in Paris, Sangie moved to Australia and what she discovered there in terms of light, nature and painting technique will impact her future choices. Thus she chose to establish her artistic studio in Aix-en-Provence. There she harnesses this famous light in her abstract paintings. After drawing and oil, she works with acrylic, charcoal and ink. She approaches painting with great openness and experimentation of gesture and movement, working on calligraphy and the vibratory stretching of material.



Jonathan Shimony graduated from Harvard College’s Visual and Environmental Studies Department with highest honours in 1987. Thanks to a Luce Foundation Scholarship he was able to study in Japan at the Tokyo School of Art where he was awarded a diploma of higher studies in 1989. He returned to the United States to continue his education at the Massachusetts College of Art and obtained an MFA in 1991. Jonathan won a Fulbright Scholarship to France in 1994 to be the Artist in Residence at the Ecole Duperré (National School of Applied Arts) and has lived in Paris ever since.



Irina Sumanenkova was born in 1982 in Ukraine. She studied art and painting techniques at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Since her graduation in 2004 she has illustrated a number of books and created hundreds of paintings. Her paintings were included in private collections in Ukraine and Switzerland. She exhibited her work internationally during the Art Expo Autumn Rome 2018 and the Parallax London Art Fair 2019.



Artist Marcela Urubová lives near Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Marcela Urubová is a painter whose inspiration comes mainly from the nature and undoubtedly the polymorphous, oftentimes absurd, life of a human being and its feelings.
She painted mainly water and waterfalls for a long time. Water, as well as the nature, liberates and heals our emotions. It relieves the physical body and mind.



The paintbrush artist Pu Wei is a native of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Pu Wei developed strong passion for painting since her early childhood. Pu Wei specializes in traditional Chinese brush painting and has developed her unique style of brush painting called “Contemporary Chinese painting - Color of Surupa series,” an innovative method of expression and the spirit of Chinese brush painting techniques.



American-born Julie Windler has been an award-winning Functional Potter since 1972. The artist about her work: "Each piece of my pottery, by sight and feel, reveals a real part of me. The shape, weight, and feel of my work have the imprint of my hands and the tension or peace I was experiencing as the pottery was formed.  The overwhelming emotion experienced in making my pottery is pure joy.  If you listen very closely, when holding my work, you may hear an Italian tenor singing opera as that IS the music of my art."





Anna Wouters was born in Oxfordshire and also has New-Zealand nationality. She grew up in Chester and now lives in Stratford-Upon-Avon. She studied Visual Studies and German at Oxford Brookes University. Anna aims to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a place in paint. She is inspired by the forces of nature and the effects of light on the sea, of storm, wind and sky. She aims to express an emotional connection with the landscape, sketching from nature and painting in the studio. She also paints to express personal feelings.



Paul Wuensche is a London-based figurative artist. He has had several solo shows in London, as well as exhibiting in numerous group shows including the BP Portrait Awards, The Discerning Eye, and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Although he works on portraits, nudes and still lifes in his studio, he also paints outside throughout the year. His approach to landscape painting has developed over time, and plays an important role in his overall practice.



Adele Venter obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a major in sculpture at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.  She completed a photography course at Sait in Calgary, Canada which became her medium of choice.  

Her artwork reflects her sculptural background, using three dimensional miniature objects to build narrative landscapes.  These miniatures are then photographed where three dimensions are translated into two.



Florencia Zampieri was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Extensive knowledge of various art forms and techniques provided her with a solid base to pursue career in arts. Abstract, collage, colours, acrylic, oils, pencils, papers, textures are her tools to compose her dynamic world. In addition to her professional ambitions, she is a loving mum for her three young children.



Rawia Ghandour Zantout has a degree in Business and Finance from the University of Southern Europe in Monte Carlo, Monaco, although her real passion has always been the arts.

Rawia finds her inspiration in the works of prominent Impressionist painters many of whom lived and worked in the south of France where she lived and studied. Her work thus mirrors the magical reflections present in nature.