Amir Chodorov


Cubism was created when Picasso and Braque introduced a third dimension in their impressionist paintings. Inspired by African sculptures, cubist artists represented all dimensions of reality by showing the various angles of an object. 

Unaware of that, since his childhood Chodorov embarked on a similar journey through the lens of his camera: "As far as I can remember, I have always carried my camera for at least 40 years, trying to build emotional statements through powerful images to capture physical reality." The results go well beyond traditional impressionism, as Chodorov also captured the fourth dimension: the condensed time. 

Barry Davies


Intrinsically artistic and creative  by nature, Barry Davies has been an established sculptor since 1989  following a precision engineering background, later going on to study  Art History with the Open University where he developed a passion for  human and animal anatomy – necessary study for the creation of  figurative sculpture.

Barry conveys excellence through his  sculpture and methodology, to exemplify this he consistently  proportions his work using the ‘golden ratio’ ( 1 x 1.618 ) which is  prevalent throughout the natural world.

The concept of Barry’s work is to  immortalize his depictions of nature, bringing together classical  narrative and the baroque style in an attempt to refresh contemporary  thinking and revive the genre of figurative statuary.

Tony Fandino



Tony Fandino always sketched and painted throughout his life. He completed an accredited two year Intaglio course in Washington. Throughout extensive travel abroad he has sketched, used pastels and watercolours as well as oils. He enjoys capturing a moment in time in true definition. He was once informed by a viewer of his work "what I like in a painting is- as I walk up close to it the detail remains the  same", He achieves a finished quality, while retaining a fresh artistic impression. 

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, London. 

The artist about his work: "I enjoy capturing the play of sunlight on water - and in landscapes. Blue skies that create deep shadows cast off by structures and beneath trees. The summer sunshine that creates a sense of hearing and smelling both the sea and countryside in my work." 

Lalage Nydia Florio Hacker



Lalage Nydia Florio Hacker was born in Turin in Italy. After graduating from the Collegio Mellerio Rosmini of Domodossola, Lalage enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin where she studied for two years. Furthermore she decided to attend the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, School of Decoration, under Nicola Maria Martino. With great response, she immediately started to exhibit her work in Italy and abroad with a solo exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stuttgart. 

Her first curated exhibition was a project against violence towards women. She also organised the Italian pavilion at Master Olofsgarten in Stockholm with an exhibition of emerging Italian artists. In 2014 she moved permanently to Germany and in 2017 her project TABULA RASA was born. She now regularly exhibits her work in Italy and Europe.

Howard Harris


Did that image just change as you walked beside it? Look again. Yes, it did. Like our ever-shifting visual experience of the world, Howard Harris’s dimensional photographic constructions merge aesthetics and technology to produce an intriguing new way of experiencing photographic art—with depth and the appearance of subtle differences from one moment to the next. Harris’s creations simulate the way we see. 

They mimic the complex process of perception by engaging the eyes, mind, and emotions in an intricate dance whose other partners are the changing light, our angle of view, and the space in which the work exists. The result is photographic art as you’ve never seen it before.

M.F. Husain


Born: 17 September 1915, Pandharpur, India Died: 9 June 2011, Royal Brompton Hospital, London. 

Maqbool Fida Husain was one of the most famous artists of India, known all over the world for his amazing paintings that he created during his lifetime. So huge is the popularity of his paintings that M. F. Husain was called the 'Picasso of India' by the Forbes magazine. Born in Pandharpur, his early years were spent in Indore. 

Husain began his career as a painter of cinema hoardings after attending art school in Bombay (now Mumbai). Using freehand drawing and vibrant colour, he depicted Indian subject matter in the style of contemporary European art movements, particularly Cubism.

Dinesh Kamble



Dinesh is a self-taught, multi-talented artist. He has been painting since early childhood. So far he has to his credit nine solo exhibitions and four group shows. He is also a photographer and one of his photographs was selected for National Photography Exhibition in New Delhi as well as published on the front cover page of Monthly Magazine of French Embassy in India. Interior design is his other interest and his work for an apartment was published by India’s largest circulated and most respected Interior Design Magazine ‘INSIDE OUTSIDE’. Last but not the least, he is a poet and writer and his poetry book will be published soon.

Dinesh said, “My first solo painting exhibition was held in 1997 and was inaugurated by Mrs. Kiran Bedi who is a Magsaysay Award and Mother Teresa Award Winner. In the initial stages, I used to do landscapes. This later turned to figurative. Recently I have been focusing more on ABSTRACT with mixed media.”

Dinesh believes, every artist carries a responsibility to generate awareness for social causes through art. He stated, “I have been taking up causes for Spastics children, orphanages for children and AIDS patients through my shows. His project RAINBOW 2017 was dedicated to supporting underprivileged women who are victims of acid attacks with part of the funds from sales being donated towards their medical treatment.”

Ashima Kumar



Ashima believes that, “Art can penetrate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.” 

She has been working at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Visual Art after completing BFA from College of Art, Delhi, India.   

Her creative works are an exploration of the world around her. Inspired by  Kalamkari art and Zentangle she has developed her own style of contemporary art using pen, ink and technology to realize digital artworks. 

Her work is often considered a fine example of what possibilities happen when you pair clean, strong forms with a powerful message. Her effort has been to showcase how, with the use of bold and rule-breaking visual language, graphic design can inspire and be a vital element in the growth of businesses and also in nudging public perceptions in desirable ways. 

Her portfolio of design clients includes Pepsico, Coca cola, Plan International India to name a few. Her art has not only been displayed at art exhibitions but has also struck a chord with organizations seeking to build/extend their brand identity. 

Saverio Lucci


Saverio Lucci, interior designer and man of culture, is an Italian artist whose masterpieces of painting

express a mystical aura linked to an art professional continually in search of beauty. 

The art of Lucci

moves and touches more areas, feeding its artistic production with knowledge and research,

fundamental elements to sound the human soul. His inspiration can date back to his appreciation for

aesthetics, a doctrine that pervades his profession as an interior architect, stylist, and restorer. The

distinctive features of Lucci are recognizable, in particular, in the production of paintings that have the

portrait as the main theme; in fact, the intensity of the contemporary message that the artist wants to

vehicular is well represented through the creation of female faces and figures.

The use of the Encausto technique (an ancient technique that mixes pigments and beeswax) allows the

artist to give to his paintings a remarkable technical mastery and a material consistency, while the use of

monochrome or gold leaf backgrounds makes the portraits appear in all their bareness and depth.

Diane Ponder


Diane  Ponder studied Art History, Anthropology and Linguistics as an  undergraduate at the University of Chicago, earning a Visual Arts  certificate through the University of Chicago Graham School. She spent her childhood surrounded by nature climbing trees, reading books and swimming in  creeks. Her father was an engineer who worked on the moon landing and  many other research projects. She currently lives in Chicago and works  in two studios. Her work is currently showing at Osom Gallery in  Humboldt Park and the Herman Miller showroom in the Merchandise Mart.  

Her art encompasses painting in the abstract and figure drawings. Her  technique has developed over many years of experience and study of  contemporary art and art history, linguistics, logic, anatomy and  anthropology.

Diane's work can be found in several national and international collections, including:
The  Perez Collection, Patrick White, The City of New York collection,  Marilyn Schnaze, City of Chicago Library, Vesna Hacker and Thrivent  Financial.

Diane has shown her art in many galleries, art fairs  and institutions in London, Chicago, New York City and worldwide. She  has held performances in many iconic buildings.

Sabine Oecking


Sabine Oecking was born in Munich Germany, where her artist father and goldsmith mother ensured she grew up surrounded by art. After many years focused mainly on figurative paintings, she began experimenting with colour and abstract art. Sabine began pursuing art full time in 2013. Based at her studio in Dortmund, Germany, she developed her work in the following years, studying with Professor Adam Jankowski of the Offenbach University of Art & Design. 

Sabine says of her painting: "The main theme of my work is luck and happiness. I have developed my own style with spray paint, ink, and sometimes acrylic paints. I want to capture and preserve happy moments, create positive atmosphere and to make this moment last. I am deeply interested in the emotional response to my work and how it's being perceived by the audience. My series, ‘Happiness and Life’ is the reflection of life being organised, sorted and controlled versus the chaotic, organic and unorganised. It is from these pairs of opposites that all world manifestations spring, creating real harmony. Human existence is imperfect and sometimes uncontrollable. It is hard to handle those things we never wanted, expected or desired to happen to our lives, but they may turn out to be a real blessing. At the end, imperfections, scars and all our failures make us even more special."

Chris Riggs



Chris Riggs is contemporary New York City artist, whose art works are based on a unique combination of cubism, abstract, surrealism, minimalism, pop and street art has made him a leading artist of his generation. His paintings and sculptures are in museums, galleries, and private collections in over 50 countries.

Chris Riggs was born in Manhattan, New York in 1973, and studied painting and political science at New York’s City College and Columbia University, New York. He lives and works in Miami and New York.

Daniela Liera Salido


Daniela Salido is a young contemporary artist from Mexico. Her mixed media work is higly inspired by Mexican culture and spirituality. Daniela is also a talented body painter and make-up artist.

Charles Sucsan


Born in Paris (1932) to Hungarian parents, Sucsan studied ceramics, drawing and painting in both Paris and Budapest. In 1960 he decided to pursue his artistic career in Montreal, Canada. Sucsan works across mediums – painting, objects and craft, murals and sculpture. He created more than one thousand paintings in oil, this is in addition to large ceramic murals and ceramic plates. Other significant works include acrylics, drawings, ink, pastels and engravings. His work is included in many private and public collections around the world.  His greatest achievements include: a medalist of the academic society of Paris Arts-Sciences-Letters and participation in the UNESCO's Hope and Optimism portfolio.

Jennifer Suellen


Jennifer Suellen, Artist and teacher is an established Painter who graduated from Wimbledon school of art. She has had many exhibitions in the UK, London and abroad. Artist about her work: 

“My inspiration comes from the relationship between nature and humankind. The landscape should be felt and read with all its relevant facets. Throughout the centuries, the land has provided us with shelter, food and medicine. Human existence is reflected in nature, from birth, death and rebirth of each generation. This has been in the centre of our mythology and folklore for centuries. My work is made up of layers of different art materials like the layers of the fabric of the land, each one revealing a layer of a narrative in the history of each one of our lives. Embracing all the hope, happiness, sadness and pain that we are. I work with paint, paper, canvas and photography to create a sense of something that could be felt and embraced from the moment of engaging with the work.

Milan Svanderlik



Milan Svanderlik was born in 1948, in Northern Bohemia, and was educated partly in the former states of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, and partly in the UK.  He has lived and worked in Croatia, in Switzerland and for over 40 years in London.  A veteran observer of the extraordinary diversity and beauty of nature, people, and life in general, Milan studied Botany abroad and Photography in London – combining both these interests, he has in the past exhibited plant photographs in London’s Photographers’ Gallery.  In addition to portraiture and plant studies, Milan’s photographic work encompasses travel photography, landscape, still life and photo-reportage.  As a UK civil servant, Milan worked as a photographer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where he later became Head of Media Resources, with responsibility for graphic design, photography and publishing.   

Milan’s recent major artistic endeavour, 100 Faces of London, comprised portraits of 100 Londoners, celebrating the extraordinary diversity of people who live and work in the capital. This highly successful project culminated in a five-week solo exhibition of all 100 portraits at The Gallery in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics.  Seen by several thousands of Londoners and tourists alike, the exhibition was well received.   

Michael K. Yamaoka



Michael K. Yamaoka is a Clio Award-winning international photographer and recipient of numerous photography awards from the prestigious Salmagundi Club in New York where he currently exhibits, who, before he turned to fine art photography, spent many years as a commercial photographer in Manhattan, shooting for many of the Fortune 500 companies.


Mr. Yamaoka has exhibited in critically acclaimed solo shows in New York at the New Art Center, the Atlantic Gallery, the German Consulate, the United Nations, and various other venues, and is an exhibiting member of the Salmagundi Club. He has been invited to mount international solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nuremberg, and in fourteen cities in Bavaria, Germany, and has been featured in group shows in New York and London. Mr. Yamaoka’s work is included in private and corporate collections worldwide, and in 2008 he was honored when I.M. Pei requested a print for his personal collection.

Fujie Yoshimoto



Born in Hokkaido, Japan and lives in London, UK. She studied Oil Painting at Hokkaido Tanki Daigaku for Girls full time for three years before moving to London where she received a Diploma in Art and Design Studies at Sir John Cass School of Art, City of London Polytechnic, London UK. She also studied Life Drawing at St Martins School of Art, London UK 

‘I often get the inspiration for my work from my inner child, daily life and people with shining life forces regardless of which kind of life state they might be in at the time, in the same way that the Moon and stars are illuminated by the Sun: the nature of the Universe.’ Says Artist about her work